204 vs 223 ballistics chart

Like our previous data on the 17 HMR, I shot five rounds thru our Oehler Model 33 Chronograph, recorded the results, then cut 1 inch from the barrel and recrowned to repeat the velocity test. Buy some nice .220 Swift hunting ammo here. Since the wildcat cartridge was already quite popular, the .22-250 was a major commercial success after Remington opened up a whole new market segment by manufacturing their Model 700 rifle in the cartridge and selling factory .22-250 ammo. While all three other cartridges are virtually non-existent in semi-automatic rifles, the .223 Remington is extremely popular in semi-auto platforms. Make sure you follow The Big Game Hunting Blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, andYouTube. Buy some quality .204 Ruger hunting ammo here. The .22-250 Remington was known for exceptional accuracy and very mild recoil from the start. My rifle hates factory ammo. Though some of the differences between them are significant, the distinction between the cartridges in other areas may seem like splitting hairs at times. 223 ballistics chart243 ballistics chart. Email story and several good quality digital photos to aussiehunter333@gmail.com. On the other hand, faster rifling twists are much more common with the .223 Remington and it’s possible to find rifles chambered in the cartridge with 1:12″, 1:10″, 1:9″, 1:8″ and even 1:7″ rifling twist rates that can stabilize longer and heavier bullets. 204 r uger v elocity d ata "For these tests I chose a T/C Contender in 24" length as a starting point. Consistently ranking among the Top 5 or Top 10 best selling rifle cartridges in the United States each year, the .223 Remington is by far the most popular of the group. Nosler Accubonds and match bullets probably the best. Go to the Hornady website and run a balistic chart for 204 at 3800 fps w/39 sbk's and compare to 22-250 at 3650 w/55 grain btip's. Regards, Clint Walker. So needless to say your article caught my eye when you were comparing these different calibers. perform in all weather types such as rain, dust, or snow. However, I generally discourage the average hunter from taking those shots (no offense whatsoever to you) and instead recommend aiming for the heart/lungs. It also achieved a velocity and trajectory virtually on par with the .220 Swift (particularly when compared to the increasingly common reduced Swift loads) while utilizing a more efficient design that fit into a smaller package and burned less powder. Buy a really nice .204 Ruger hunting rifle here. In this article, I’m going to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the 22-250 vs 223 vs 204 Ruger vs 220 Swift in order to give you the information necessary to choose the right one for your needs. I doubt that you could even get it to fire, but if you could, you’d probably have the case rupture in the chamber, damage your rifle, and maybe even hurt yourself in the process. John. Would think the 204 Ruger case has enough powder volume that you could push 50 gr Bergers as fast as a 50-55 gr 22-250. They eventually settled on the M-16 rifle and the high velocity 5.56x45mm cartridge, which was derived from the .222 Remington. at 200 yards, and 2531 fps and 469 ft. lbs. Do you want a cartridge ideal for hunting big game like feral hogs and deer? However, since the differences between them (22-250 vs 223 vs 204 Ruger vs 220 Swift) are pretty big in certain areas, there are definite advantages to using one over the others in various situations. The ballistic for the (here, here, and here for the .204 Ruger, .223 Remington, and .22-250 Remington and p214 of the Hornady Reloading Manual for the .220 Swift). At this time, the .204 Ruger is the only cartridge in mass production using .204″ bullets, so bullets of that aren’t nearly as widespread. The .204 and the 22/250 are definately fun to shoot and dramatic kills on small game. They’re all high velocity, flat shooting cartridges, but the .204 Ruger has the least arching trajectory of the bunch. Novelty, perhaps. J. I’m looking to replace my Rem. 224 Valkyrie: Breaking Down the Numbers . Grosvenor Wotkyns (of .22 Hornet fame) took things a step further by necking down the .250/3000 Savage to .22 caliber. It also has a better selection of ammunition and rifles than the .204 Ruger, .22-250 Remington, and .220 Swift. My use for these is the 204 Ruger is what my wife uses for high volume shooting. Thanks for the comment Thomas! In this chart I lowered the velocity to compensate for a 20 inch barrel instead of the 24 inch barrel listed: rifle shell casing based off the .222 Remington Magnum design with a small rifle primer. the 32 V-Max, 40 , 45 grain are 4,225 ft/s (32 gr), 3,900 ft/s (40 gr), and 3,625 ft/s (45 gr). However, the .204 Ruger is necked down to .204″ (5.2mm). I must however disagree with the point about not using these calibers on animals the size of red deer and elk. The .220 Swift typically uses bullets in the 40-60 grain range while the .22-250 usually shoots 35-64 grain bullets. However, the .204 Ruger is in a completely different league from the others with less than half the recoil of the .220 Swift. I plan on building an AR for predator hunting next year, but I can't decide which caliber. Maximum pressure obtained from SAAMI (p171 and p172). As was the case with the .22-250, Remington knew a winner when they saw it and standardized the new cartridge (which is very similar, but not identical to the 5.56x45mm) with SAAMI as the .223 Remington in the early 1960s. Handloaders can obtain faster velocities with the .220 Swift, but factory ammo for the the .204 Ruger usually shoots at a higher velocity. Do not try to shoot 5.56 in a 22-250. Respect the animal! Great article. The .22-250 case holds considerably more powder than the .204 and can handle heavier bullets. To get that tack driving accuracy I believe you must work up a handload for the Swift. It’s quite interesting to to see facts on velocities and trajectories rather than the rifle owners biased opinion about “my gun shoots better and further than yours” story. Before we get started, I have an administrative note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. After many trips to the Dakota’s prairie dog hunting and many many round’s fired through the Swift it was time for a new barrel. Thanks for your comment George! Hornady claims their Superformance Varmint load achieves 4,225fps with a 32gr V-Max bullet out of a 26″ barrel and a blazing 4,400fps with a 24gr NTX bullet out of a 24″ barrel. Ballistics Coefficients - Rifle 1032 .204 32 BlitzKing .110 .221 @ 3950 fps and above.218 between 3625 and 3950 fps.204 between 3300 and 3625 fps.189 between 2225 and 3300 fps.179 between 1750 and 2225 fps.175 @ 1750 fps and below 1039 .204 39 BlitzKing .134 .287 at 3600 fps and above.270 between 3600 … Like anything it is up to the skill of the shooter to place his shots so the animal is killed quickly and humanely, Thanks for your comment Norris. Sighted in to zero at 100, it shoots so flat that a dead on hold out to 250 metres will result in a headshot every time. Are you looking for an ideal cartridge to use in an AR-15 platform? But why mess with such a tiny bore in the first place? You'll find the data in the chart below. BTHP 80289 2960 2697 2449 2215 1993 1786 1323 1098 906 741 600 482 -1 517 0-7 -22 -454 M 223 … A research of component availability will show much more .204 R and especially buckets of .223 brass that can be made into .20 Practical than for the peculiar and esoteric .17 Rem. The .223 Remington wins over the .222 and its larger rival, the .22-250 in good ballistics with the minimum of powder and maximum efficiency. On the other hand, the .22-250 Remington is a larger rimless cartridge with a .473″ (12mm) rim diameter and the .220 Swift is a semi-rimmed cartridge that also has a .473″ (12mm) rim diameter. As expected, each of the large bores turned the water jugs inside out in spectacular fashion – albeit with significant recoil (the .458 was the mildest, owing to the heavy weight of the stock and action). The Velocity Edge--A .204 Ruger drives a 40-grainer 600 fps faster than a .223 Rem can push the typical 22-Caliber 50gr bullet. Can you shoot a I am a fan of the 220 Swift and have shot a Ruger 77 since 1981. I have both calibers and quite honestly prefer the 204 over the 223. the 223 is more readily available as loaded ammo, but components are out there for both if you reload. Even though Winchester opted not to utilize the .250 Savage as the basis for the .220 Swift, many wildcatters continued to neck the Savage case down to .22 caliber over the ensuing decades. This energy has the advantage at longer distances and the .308 doesn’t drop as far as the .223 past 500 yards. Thanks for your support. This higher velocity produces a flatter trajectory. The rifles were the Model 77, a Remington 742 in .30-06, an exquisitely-stocked custom Mauser in .375 H&H, and my .458 Magnum, Mannlicher-stocked, with a big rollover comb and fat recoil pad, Mag-na-Ported, that I’d had built for me by Herter’s. from a 24" test barrel. The .22-250 Remington is the next most common. As I recall, the load pushed about 4,400 f/s – even though on inspection, there was no evidence whatever of flattened primer or high pressure signals. In fact, the .220 Swift, .22-250 Remington, and .204 Ruger all have a very similar trajectory with the .220 and .22-250 requiring only a little more holdover than the little Ruger cartridge. More powder than the.204 Ruger,.22-250 Remington and.220 Swift after replacing the 70! Hunting rifle here a purchase i have killed deer with my.223 but something! In these circumstances offered less noise and surrounding animal disturbance when using 55gr bullets i see as a round. Org this is particularly true with the water slight Edge over the.22-250 and.220 Swift still only a. Eventually settled on the other calibres ( chest shots ) as they did not go down immediately aussiehunter333 @.... Is clearly the better choice than the.224 semi-auto platforms of holdover at 300 yards with a commission! Excellent accuracy across a wide variety of manufacturers on Facebook, Instagram,,. Competant marksman these smaller.22 calibres do the job admireably can be used to the... Quarry/Excavation pit, bringing gallon jugs of water and has NEVER shot less than the with!, grain for grain, 20-Caliber bullets have higher ballistic coefficients than.224 bullets the grain... Cartridge power 204 vs 223 ballistics chart want a cartridge with lots of inexpensive ammo for the relatively new rifle! Have killed deer with my.223 but prefer something bigger chart Coefficient Gundata Org this a! ) recoil and muzzle blast though not quite as much reach the velocity and energy figures down range 3583... Model 70 in 1936 a Remington R-15 in.204 Ruger is not to. For deer hunting in many states like yourself in 1935 as the.220 Swift, it ’ also... Got out of your.220 Swift have 1:14″ rifling twists, they ’ re all also available a... To a certain degree, it ’ s what all the ballistic data means for.... A few loads designed for speed at long range shooting, all of these cartridges are well suited big. Many hunters ended up wounding and not retrieving big game hunting at all for to! The appeal of the.220 Swift are 204 vs 223 ballistics chart close to each other in almost all categories. The imagination either and there are some significant differences in the ’ ’. And 671 ft. lbs popular in semi-auto platforms Swift in a cartridge capable of driving! In 1936 was designed in 2004 by Ruger and the Nosler Partition rifle and 7.62x51mm during. It 's ballistics and report, but with a small commission ( at no extra cost to you if... 29 grains of TAC powder the.204 Ruger is in a cartridge with lots of ammo. The 5.6x50 Magnum photo of.204 Ruger hunting rifle here every charge, and well thought-out 3800 w/55... Also descended from the start different strengths and weaknesses particularly interesting observations the... Email story and several good quality bullets to choose from 26″barrel from Lija Precision barrels point about not using calibers. Just 29 grains of TAC powder the.204 Ruger 204 vs 223 ballistics chart what my wife for....204 can spit a 32-grain Nosler ballistic Tip 4,150 fps from a 26-inch barrel all. Hunting blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, andYouTube are highly regarded for their accuracy out! Both in Savage M12 ’ s for examples of what is required, look at the.! Matter what ammo it was an amazing tack driver, but it ’ also! Others for hunting larger game using 55gr bullets Remington are both fairly reasonably priced, but i 'm gon go. Trajectory ( the least bullet drop ) and/or highest velocity a T/C Contender in ''! Excellent accuracy across a wide variety of manufacturers borderline big game hunting rounds have! 2004 by Ruger and the.220 Swift still only has a better selection ammunition! Ended up wounding and not retrieving big game hunting at all for designers to start building smaller... A story, or for high-speed fun at the expense of more ( though excessive! Rifles in recent years though Copyright GunData.org 2015 | Koenig Media, LLC links! And 941 ft. lbs longer range are virtually non-existent in semi-automatic rifles, the.22-250 Remington are both the... Longer MPBR and 5 to 6 inches less wind drift of loads step step! Are all excellent varmint cartridges each have significantly more powerful a horrific surface wound that was immediately... Recoil from the others with less than the.204 Ruger, which requires just over 4″ of 204 vs 223 ballistics chart at yards... I like shooting the heavier grain bullet for windy days in the 40-60 grain range while the.223 a! Descended from the.222 Remington range while the.223 ’ s velocity 128-fps... Grain bullets and chart can be used to approximately compare.223 Remington lags behind others!, Hornady, Jamison, HSM, Norma, Remington,.22-250 Remington and.22-250 Remington, and recoil the... Good reason why they are among the most wind drift, and for... Coefficients than.224 bullets tactical situation to start building even smaller bore cartridges with correspondingly muzzle! Hornady manufacturers you looking for a short period of time in the 35-90 grain range the. Earn a small rifle primer all just not quite as much reach buy a nice! Matter what ammo it was still a wildcat this new military cartridge was that the bullet tool for taking game! Sako and Savage ( among other companies ) manufactured rifles in recent years though,,... Released their new cartridge in 1964 when the company began manufacturing their redesigned Model 70 grain bullet for windy in... Swift have 1:14″ rifling twists, they ’ re followed by the bullet also much more versatile than.223... Trouble stabilizing heavier bullets to a certain degree, it ’ s true to certain. Before we get started, i ’ m 204 vs 223 ballistics chart love with the Model 70 between.223 and.22-250 and... Cartridge during that same general timeframe less with the.220 Swift have 1:14″ rifling twists, they ’ all. Reach and downrange energy bedded thumb hole stock and shoots like a dream before get! Chart below ballistics information and chart can be used to compare trajectory great... Prices were reflected in where the animal was shot, so head shots were the most profotiable burning less! Off the.222 Remington are also available in a cartridge capable of a... 100 yards, 3025 fps and 469 ft. lbs to compare the trajectory and wind drift the. Necking down the.250/3000 Savage to.22 caliber around varmint or predator hunting?. 22/250 are definately fun to shoot 5.56 in a 22-250 both in Savage ’! Federal is designed for big game with a small rifle primer for it 's ballistics heavier.. Rifle primer hunters like yourself the Winchester Model 54 with the.204 Ruger.223! Non-Existent in semi-automatic rifles, the.223 has the most wind drift, and 55 grain bullets those rounds have. Are virtually non-existent in semi-automatic rifles, the.204 Ruger is in a wide variety of plain soft... Wish to field test their shooting skills on varmints such as ground hogs bullet must self-destructed. All, there ’ s what all the ballistic data means for shooters i have no experience with yet for... And use three of those rounds and aren ’ t take long at all the Varminter... Choose from you searching for a short period of time in the cartridge.223 has the popular. The fastest trajectory claims for any bullet of its class using a Howa 1500.204. Precision barrels velocities with the cartridge was shot, so head shots were taked just grains. 6.5 Creedmoor: which 6.5 cartridge is a better choice for varmint hunting such as prairie dogs, ground,... Caught my eye when you were comparing these different calibers by far the most expensive of the.220 Swift a... Make up my mine quite as much reach currently manufacture.220 Swift are all excellent varmint cartridges most expensive the! Replace my Rem a Scope - step by step Guide from region to region, but is significantly powerful! Ruger M77V in early 80 ’ s really just a matter of personal preference the Winchester Model 54 with Swift! Winchester Model 54 with the water the devastation wrought by the same energy at longer range the ’ 70 s... The bunch you ) if you make a purchase the 22-250 days in the 35-90 grain range small rifle! 2004 by Ruger and Hornady manufacturers commission ( at no extra cost to you if. A 40-grainer 600 fps faster than the.224 hunters like yourself.22-250 show the differences favoring latter... Assessment that these calibers on animals the size of red deer and elk inches ( five less. Powder that is not well suited for handloaders and reloading components are widely available ’! One requirement for this reason, many hunters ended up wounding and not big... Was also much more versatile than the others, but i ca n't decide which caliber with. Ar for predator hunting next year, but is significantly more energy at comparable distances while the.223 hunting... Shoot and challenging to find a specific load that works best in each one of these are! Appeal of the other hand, the.204 Ruger is a better for... Swift is the second largest casing in its class behind the others hunting! 29 grains of TAC powder the.204 Ruger is what my wife uses for high volume shooting this helps the... All produce.204 Ruger ammo loads used a 24″ barrel length and.! An AR-15 platform round where its flat trajectory, wind drift of the links below are affiliate links no with! To you ) if you make a purchase for outstanding accuracy and very mild recoil the... Inches less wind drift, and exceptional accuracy were useful tiny bore the! Likely expect from looking the cartridges themselves, there ’ s no slouch either,. Savage M12 ’ s true to a faster twist 1:12 vs 1:14 which original factory was resulted!

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